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Click here to read my blog on how to preserve important relationships through better communication and understanding.

Click here to purchase "Conscious Uncoupling" and click here to purchase "Conscious Divorce: Ending Marriage with Integrity," two books I recommend to all couples who have the intention of dissolving their marriage without bitterness and continuing to co-parent their children harmoniously.

Click here to purchase "Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: Shielding Your Child from Conflict," another book I recommend to parents on how to protect their children's emotional well-being during this difficult transition.

Click here to purchase a documentary film "SPLIT" about the effects of divorce on children as told from their perspective. The film features twelve children aged 6-12 who explore the ways that their parents' separation has altered their lives by expressing the powerful truth of what is on their hearts and minds. I also have a copy of this documentary which is available for clients to borrow.



Click on here for a video discussion about "Getting Unstuck" from your relationship, where I explore with a colleague the emotional aspects of navigating a divorce or separation, as well as alternative options to litigation.


Click here for a pamphlet written by the State Bar on what you should know about divorce laws in California.


Click here for a list of East Bay lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial specialists who all work collaboratively to help couples resolve issues that arise during the divorce process.


Click here to learn about a helpful, low-cost seminar that will inform you about the emotional dynamics, financial challenges, and legal options you will encounter during the divorce process.


Click here to order Nolo Press’s book with instructions on "how to do your own divorce."


Click here for the California Child Support Services Calculator, which is based on the Child Support Guidelines, and can be used to estimate the amount of child support that could be ordered by a court in your case.


Click here for the California Court's Self-Help website with basic information about divorce and separation.


Click here for the Alameda County Family Court’s Self Help website, showing you how to file your own divorce or legal separation.


Click here for a legal document assistance service located in the Bay Area.

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