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Finding Solutions and Preserving Relationships

If you are having a legal problem with high levels of emotional conflict, look no further. As both a licensed attorney and family therapist, I am uniquely qualified to help you navigate the legal and emotional complexities of your situation. Whether you are getting divorced, engaged in family conflict, or have any reason to preserve an important but difficult relationship, this is the service for you.

Why Mediate?

Mediation is particularly useful when families are trying to resolve issues with legal and/or financial implications. I will help you transform angry dynamics into constructive communication and find mutually agreeable solutions to difficult problems. Examples of conflicts best resolved through mediation are:

  • divorce-related property or custody issues
  • post-divorce, co-parenting problems
  • inheritance or will contests
  • family business disputes

During the mediation process, you will have the opportunity to talk to the person with whom you have a conflict in a safe and supportive environment. Experiencing a process infused with more empathy and understanding, usually motivates parties to brainstorm creative, new solutions to old problems. This results in mutually satisfactory, legal agreements. Mediation has the added benefit of keeping attorneys' fees and court costs to a minimum.

Comparison of Litigation vs. Mediation



Judge - evaluates

Attorneys - negotiate

Clients - passive






2-5 years


Resolution Through Conflict:

clients pitted against each other


Agreements Law-Based:

only legal notions considered


Limited Solutions:

bound by legal precedent


Goal of Attorneys:

secure your legal rights



Mediator - facilitates

Professionals - educate

Clients - active


Much Less Expensive:

$6,000-$10,000 (on average)


Client Paced:

4-6 months (on average)


Resolution Through Compromise:

clients work together to resolve issues


Agreements Value-Based:

all perspectives considered


Creative Solutions:

tailored to unique individual situations

Goal of Mediator:

facilitate the best possible outcome

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